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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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high school. joyful, positive, ambitious- some of the words used to describe lauren wilfong today. and while life and school had to go on lot of support. just a tremendous young lady, optimistic, an infectious smile. 05:04 one of those smiles that can light up a room.the loss of junior lauren wilfong would make for a tough workday as head of milford high school.we're all processing and grieving the loss of lauren. it's a tragic situation.investigators back on glendale milford this monday where they say just after 6pm sunday lauren ran off the side of the road, overcorrected, crossed the center line and hit another car head on. the other driver unhurt buckled up- killed.fellow students arriving to school
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clermont county response crisis team here to help. 4:06:30 it's like with your own children. you hate to see them hurting and you hate to see them go through difficult things. josh kauffman, milford h.s. principalspeaking to students and staff everyone has positive incredible memories of lauren and just the delight that she brought to our school community.posts on facebook capture the love so many had for lauren on her way- already taking college courses.05:16 a fine young lady. ambitious and a vision for her future. 05:20 and committed to the right things. principal kauffman says this will unify the community here. and while today they grieve, in the future they will look at further resources for students and their families about driving safety, particularly as we head into prom season and senior trips. in milford, julie o'neill 9 on your side. a northern kentucky university student is suing the school saying nothing was done after she was raped.
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rape after it happened in fall of the lawsuit - the woman says school leaders urged her not to report the rape to also claims the alleged attacker taunted her over the last two years... reportedly dating a woman in the same dorm and eating at the same cafeteria... even reaching out to her on social media. media.9 on your side reached out to n-k-u... which released a statement to us late today... saying in part: the complaint contains many factual inaccuracies and mischaracterizations. the university will have an opportunity to respond formally to the complaint. police say they are simply alarmed - after another couple crashed, after overdosing on heroin. two young boys in the back seat. that crash - shut down i-74 on friday.our t-j parker is on your side tonight - asking police what they're doing to counteract this growing problem. t.j.: "right now, police departments across the tri-
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township, are concerned about the number of people overdosing on heroin while driving- and they're looking at ways at putting a stop to it."lt. jim vetter/green twsp pd: "37:59 it's happening much too frequently"at the beginning of friday's afternoon rush- an emergency situation on i-74 at beekan street.crews- responded to a rollover crash- involving two adults and two young boys9 on your side was on the scene. police telling us later- the boys' mother and father, amanda gordon and clifford wilson- overdosed on heroin. vetter: "34:19 heroin addicts are particularly desperate and would do just about anything to get that fix"lieutnenant jim vetter is with the green township police department- one of the agencies who first responded to the accident. police say both gordon and wilson were given narcan for their overdose. better: "38:41 it's heartbreaking, you know, you feel for these families answers, i wish there was" vetter says his department has seen several accidents involving someone overdosing on heroin. he says a lot of those, happening on i-74, because it's a route for people from indiana and the western suburbs- to take- to
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city. andrea mink lindsey: "44:14 it's very concerning, it's very sad, and very very scary"9 on your side spoke with people- who drive i-74, often. they say- knowing someone could be high on heroin while driving- is troubling. andrea: "44:30 it makes me want to cry to think that somebody would actually chance your children's lives because you don't care about your own"allyson bietenduvel: "45:21 every day that i leave the house my mom always tells me to be careful, she says it's not that you can't drive but other people are shooting up while driving"lieutenant vetter says there's no easy solution- but to tell his officers- to be vigilant. vetter: "36:33 if we can just get one of the street and save one life then it's a job well done"t.j.: "as for the two boys inside the car, they weren't hurt, and are staying with their grandmother. in green township, i'm t.j. parker, 9 on your side. another reminder for you - 9 on your side has told you before - drugged driving is going up, while the number of those driving drunk is going down. an national survey - 16-percent of weekend or nighttime drivers tested positive for drugs. 2009 - 18-percent of drivers killed tested postive for at least one drug. he witnessed the killing - now carries his brother's ashes
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just part of what we learned today about a west chester homicide. homicide.four men accused in a plot to kill 18-year-old tyler kassow were in court today. police say these four planned to steal drugs from kassow's in court we learned two men stayed in a getaway vehicle - while the other two went into the home.19-year-old demarcus staley is accused of pulling the trigger.there was a huge showing of support from kassow's family and friends - including his brother who was there when the teen was shot. 02:13:33 - 02:13:44"i hate to think about it, the scene just keeps ... cc that's what i'm dealing with." with." staley received the highest bond - at one-point-five million.the other three are being held on quarter million to million dollar bonds. police say the man accused in a deadly new year's eve crash had recently taken drugs.. and was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit. mark huffman was in kenton
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a lower bond. police say he killed david and ella mc-nay when he crossed the center line on kentucky - 17 near pelly road. court documents also indicate someone tried to stop huffman from getting behind the wheel... but he ignored their advice. the judge said he's not lowering huffman's bond. an ohio teen - killed in a sledding tragedy. tragedy.the teen run over by a car.why the driver may not be the only person to blame. a call of the wild.a local wolf sanctuary is saving lives and changing minds. why one woman has decided to make those two things her life's mission. you're watching 9 on your side
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we all hoped -- even begged for a shot at the super bowl. bowl.sadly - not all of us are headed there -- but there are a few select tri-state stars who made it the big game. sports director john popovich is here with the tri-staters who are headed to the super bowl. the bengals won't be at the super bowl two weeks from now...from a part of cincinnati will definitely play a part in the big game. game.carolina features a pair of starters who played high school football here. adam norwell is a second year player out of anderson and
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linebacker out of st x-i visited with st x football coach steve specht today- there's a picture of steve and kuechley as a bomber...he didn't spend all his time talking football-but when football was to be practiced and studied...kuehley was all in: the denver broncos also have a couple of local connections. derek wolfe, a youngstown kid who played at uc..and vance walker, who went to high school in south carolina but lists cincinnati as his home town. and bill kollar, the defensive line coach of the broncos was the bengals number
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new at five - a teenager from southern ohio was hit by a car while sledding.police say his sled was being dragged by an a-t-v in the street. street.18-year-old ethan pauley died over the weekend. it's a reminder to everyone to use common sense during the winter months.students are paying tribute to the senior soccer player. :15 - :21"when i found out that he passed, i couldn't believe it at all, i just kept thinking no" no"police say the driver of the car did run a red light. that driver was arrested, but charges are pending. state police want to remind everyone roadways. an indiana michaels store - accused of racism. racism.all because of this shocking display customers found while the store is responding as this photo goes viral. plus - 03:49:39nats howling
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a mission to save lives and minds.9 on your side takes you to a local wolf sanctuary.the soft side of these creatures you don't know about - and how you can help a tri-state couple's amazing cause.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 all new at five - customers are threatening to boycott michaels stores after an indiana woman posted this
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display at the store with a racial slur -- spelled out on a store shelf. this picture is going viral -- drawing angst from people all over indianapolis and the u-s. the woman who posted the picture says the employee *laughed* and joked about the display. here is how michael's reacted to the situation... it posted this statement on facebook: "michaels does not tolerate discrimination in any form. we are offended by this incident and we are actively investigating the situation... situation...we will take appropriate action -- as soon as possible. we apologize that this occurred in one of our stores." the founder of pure romance - based right here in cincinnati - will visit the sets of "the view" and "good morning america" as a promotional blitz before valentine's day. day.founder patty brisben stops by the view tomorrow -- she'll appear on g-m-a this may remember brisben won the g-m-a appearance during an auction
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g-m-a anchor robin roberts was in town. you saw her visit on 9 on your side last year. on a mission to save some of the most wild but gentle creatures roaming parts of the tri-state. state.and changing our minds about them ... we're talking about the "wolf creek habitat and sanctuary."a brookville, indiana couple literally opening up their own land to protect wolves. the sanctuary holds 23 wolves and one wolf-dog right now.but caring for these animals isn't the only part of their mission... clip 708903:38:38 - 03:38:51 "it's how somebody's scared to death to go in there, but once they go in there and realize how gentle these guys are, they walk away with a whole new feeling. they feel the spiritualness of this place and that's what it's all about" about" that was "kathy bauden-distel" she calls herself the alpha mom - and there's a reason
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clip 709103:48:50 - 03:48:59 nats howling howling owning a wolf is illegal in ohio and kentucky, but not in indiana.the sanctuary is open to groups on the weekend.and one important piece of information - it's funded entirely through donations - so reach out if you can. we're on your side with how to donate and how to visit the sanctuary.links for both are posted at the bottom of this story on wcpo dot com.along with some really gorgeous photos of the wolves. a cold front will move through the ohio valley tonight. due
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tonight. light, spotty showers will continue into the tuesday morning drive. in all, we are look at less than a tenth of an inch of rain so this is a rather minor system. temperatures will actually be at their warmest on tuesday just after midnight. this definitely keeps our precipitation liquid for the
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smokers versus a tobacco giant. smokers want philip morris to pay up in a major lawsuit. but they're not demanding money. we'll tell you what the tobacco company could soon be paying for. "fat but fit."it sounds like a good compromise when it comes to your health.we'll tell you why some experts are kicking that theory to the curb. new at ohio community is now the latest town facing a water crisis. could your water be poisoned with lead? consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with how to test your home's
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tonight in healthy living - a tobacco giant could soon be forced to pay for lung cancer screenings for smokers. a group of smokers sued philip morris a decade ago.they claim the company made a defective cigarette in the 70's - knowing it could have been made with safer products. the case will finally be heard by a jury starting this week. those suing philip morris are not seeking money - instead they want the company to pay for chest scans that detect
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cancer. the "fat but fit" theory could be a myth. myth.for decades - scientists thought a little extra body fat was okay - as long as you are physically active. but in a new study completed just this year: normal weight men who aren't as physically active still lived longer than overweight men, who were physically more fit. forty million kids under the age of five are overweight. that's the latest statistic from the world health organization.that number climbed from 31 million children in 1990.the organization says changes need to be made, saying quote, "it's not the kids' fault. you can't blame a two-year-old for being fat and lazy and eating too much." children getting sick from lead poisoning... now a growing concern for tri-state parents!much more to come on 9 on your side at's what we're working on. if you think flint michigan is alone in the crisis over contaminated water.... think again!
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concerning trend in northern kentucky.john matarese is on your side with where the biggest danger of lead poisoning lies... and how you can keep your family safe. inches from tragedy... unbelievable video of a deputy hit by a semi... and just how close he comes to being run over by the truck.what led to this western ohio scene -- and hear from the injured deputy
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could your town be the site of the next water crisis?we've all seen what's played out in flint michigan...but tonight -- we're learning of *more* areas where children are getting sick from lead poisioning. poisioning.and some tri- staters now worry if our water systems could have issues too. nine on your side's john matarese has been digging deeper into these concerns.... and he's here live with what he's found out -- and how you can take action to protect your family. was one thing when
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michigan with a water crisis. now....a northern ohio
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